Saturday, September 24, 2005

ND's speak out against Hoeven's connection with Rove

North Dakotans are upset with Hoeven welcoming Rove and his dirty politics to our state. Recent letters in the Fargo Forum question why Hoeven wants to associate himself with such a crowd like Rove – a man who does not share ND values – and Johanns – whose AG policies do nothing to benefit our farmers and ranchers.

What is Hoeven thinking? Has he lost sight of what’s best for ND because he is blinded by his personal political ambitions?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Rove and Rita still on schedule

While Rita is threatening to unleash her fury and devastate more communities as soon as Saturday, Rove - the point person on hurricane response - is still planning to show up in ND for a political fundraiser this weekend. Even though some say that since the win of the '04 election, Rove has shown no sign of ever putting policy goals above political ones, it seems that he is now.

It's been reported that Rove has been under fire since he took off to Aspen, Colo., last week to attend a "conference of wealthy folks." But that doesn't stop this politico: just about when Hurricane Rita will be blasting Galveston, Tex., he will be safe and sound in a fancy restaurant in Fargo - fundraising for the ND GOP.

Even Senator Lautenberg is getting fired up on Rove's decision to NOT cancel this weekend's ND GOP fundraiser despite the looming threat of Rita.

Lautenberg today sent a letter to Bush asking him why Rove – the “point person” for the hurricane response - feels it is ok to leave his post - on the day the hurricane is expected to hit - to fundraise in ND.

Rove's decision to continue with this fundraiser is distasteful. But as we all know, Rove does politics. Apparently, he doesn't know when to stop. But Cheney does: Because of Hurricane Rita and the ongoing recovery efforts from Katrina, Vice President Cheney cancelled his Friday fundraiser for Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania.

I wonder, what does Hoeven think about this? He is, after all, the reason why Rove is coming this weekend. Do you think he will stand up to Rove and ask him not to come? I guess only time will tell.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hoeven and his GOP connections

A recent National Journal column said “Republicans contemplating bids for governor (Illinois' Jim Edgar?) and senator (North Dakota's John Hoeven) will end up not running simply out of fear of the national GOP landscape.

Hoeven would be wise to take this into account. Bush’s war of choice in Iraq, his terrible response to Katrina and his poor handling of the economy, not to mention the possible indictment of Karl Rove, are going to make this a bad year for Republicans, even in North Dakota. Again, why does Hoeven want to align himself with an administration? Why is Hoeven more intent on working for himself rather than for ND?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rove and Hoeven: All Politics

So while Hurricane Rita is wrecking homes and downing power lines in Texas, the Rovenator will be dining on lobster tortellini with the ND GOP herd at Grazzi's restaurant in Fargo. Come on, what could be more important to Rove than actually responding to a new hurricane disaster (along with the thousands of still homeless, still jobless and still displaced survivors of Katrina)? Why politics, of course. Rove does politics. Apparently, he doesn't do anything else. So the good 'ole Rovenator will be wining and dining with Hoeven in his effort to convince him to be a puppet for the administration.

You know what really gets me? How can Hoeven actually be okay with all of this? I've talked with many ND's who are appalled at this. When Grand Forks had to evacuate (it was the largest evacuation of a major U.S. city since the Civil war) when the Red River crested its levees in '97, our communities benefited by having an effective congressional delegation - led by Conrad - but we also benefited the most by having the undivided attention of the President. Can the survivors of Katrina say the same?

Probably not since this White House is more concerned with playing politics - in ND - than helping people.

Is E-85 fueling Hoeven's personal political ambitions?

Reporter Tom Rafferty asks in Sunday's Bismarck Tribune: "Is E-85 worth the ride?"

I think this is a great question. Don't you?

The article states, "Cy Fix, the manager of Cenex stations in Bismarck, Mandan and Dickinson, said people are using a lot of E-85 even though some of the vehicles were not made for it." It also points out that, "Using E-85 in a vehicle that isn't designed for it can damage the engine." Why isn't Hoeven promoting education on E-85 and which cars can use it?

Instead, we just see these billboards and the TV ads giving Hoeven free publicity as part of a campaign to promote E-85. Does it say anywhere, "Hey only certain cars can use this..." I don't think so.

But as Rafferty says, there's more demand for E-85 than there are cars that can use it ... Governor Hoeven was so quick to want free publicity that he's actually damaging people's cars. Is E-85 fueling Hoeven's personal political ambitions? Because this seems like another irresponsible decision by Hoeven.

Hmmm... I wonder what Hoeven is thinking.... I can just imagine a thought bubble in one of those political cartoons with Hoeven asking, "Is e-85 worth the free ride?"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hoeven defined

Here's an interesting nonpartisan definition of John Hoeven which talks about his inactivity and taking credit for others' ideas. That sounds about right, so why is Rove so interested in pushing Hoeven into the ring with Conrad? It seems like ND is becoming a turf war for Rove and his cronies.

Is this what's best for ND? You be the judge:

Option A: Hoeven's inactivity and taking credit for others' work

Option B: Our Dakota Boys - led by Conrad - independently fighting for ND

So what do you think? Option B - our Dakota Boys - always put ND first. Can we say the same for Option A - the Hoeven-Rove combo-platter?

While Hoeven is all talk and no action, our Dakota Boys are ND's "action heroes."

Rove's visit not in best interests of ND

Rove is coming to Fargo this weekend to address the ND GOP. With the '06 Senate elections approaching, he wants to provoke a bitter, partisan fight in our state. Is this what ND has come to? Merely a turf war for Rove and his cronies? Where is Hoeven's judgment? Why does he care to stand alongside Rove? Rove represents the worst this White House has to offer - dirty politics and misguided priorities.

Let's not forget: Rove is the White House Deputy Chief of Staff. So why is he politicking in ND instead of working on current issues that important to the ENTIRE nation, like rebuilding the Gulf Coast - the survivors of Katrina deserve the unwavering attention of the administration. As some of you may remember, when the '97 flood devastated Grand Forks, our rebuilding effort was a top priority for the White House.

Rove is not good for ND, can't Hoeven see that? Or is he blinded by the right?