Saturday, August 13, 2005

Conrad works hard for ND, Hoeven works hard for political ambitions

The Bismarck Tribune reported that Bismarck-Mandan is getting an economic development boost (
Ground broke at the airport for the Northern Plains Commerce Centre, which will bring more jobs into the area. Senator Conrad worked hard to ensure that $2 million was included in the federal highway bill for this project.

While Conrad worked hard at the federal level to get funding for the state, Hoeven worked hard at the Bismarck Airport to get his picture taken and his name in the paper. Perhaps, he wants to use the photo for a campaign brochure?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hoeven, NCAA and Rove: What does it all mean for ND?

After being unwilling to take a position on Social Security, Hoeven is more than willing to take a stand regarding the NCAA's nickname decision. Hoeven says "I believe it's an overreach ... . It's a big-time overreach."

Also reported in the Grand Forks Herald

“Hoeven said universities and colleges each have their own constituencies, and they need to be responsive to them first. Decisions about the nickname and logo, he said, should be in the hands of the state Board of Higher Education ‘in close consultation with’ UND."

It’s interesting that Hoeven wants the final decision regarding UND’s logo to come from people within the state BUT he would rather listen to DC outsiders than our own Dakota Boys about the Devils Lake outlet.

According to Hoeven, it’s an “overreach” for NCAA to regulate university logos, but apparently not an “overreach” for Rove and the White House to dictate ND’s water issues.

Hoeven in cahoots with dirty Republicans?

The Republicans continue with their Rovian dirty politics. The “Grand” Old Party is falling under the powers of Karl Rove. The GOP is becoming known for a new attitude: winning is everything and ethics, laws, or morals do not apply.

So what have the Republicans been up to? Here’s a brief recap:
  • Karl Rove and the White House have been accused of illegally leaking the name of a covert CIA agent in an attempt to discredit a political opponent.
  • Tom DeLay and his buddy Jack Abramoff ignore fundraising laws and Congressional ethics rules to direct big corporate money into the pockets of GOP candidates. This money is used not only to keep the GOPs in power, but also to continue carrying out Corporate America's agenda at the expense of hard-working Americans.
  • DeLay's PAC funnels illegal donations to Texas candidates to boost their majority in the state legislature. The money helps to ensure that Texas representatives redistrict congressional areas - in the GOP's favor. The redistricting resulted in 5 additional GOP seats. Hmmm…. Does that sound like a democratic government representative of the people, for the people or by the people?
  • The NRSC's regional director gave the “okay” to illegally jam Democratic phone lines during the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election. This director worked directly under then NRSC chair Senator Bill Frist (don’t forget he’s now the majority leader in the Senate). The phone-jamming prevented Democrats from putting into action their get-out-the-vote efforts and resulted in a Republican win. To top it off, the RNC has quietly been paying off the criminal’s legal bills!

While the Republicans continue their dirty political games, I wonder.... What does this say about Governor Hoeven? Why does he want to get in with this crowd? Or is he already there?

Does this mean that he is willing to bring these dirty Rovian politics into ND?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Devils Lake: Delegation steps in before Hoeven sells out

Hoeven has been getting worse about putting his personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of North Dakota. In his latest political scandal, Hoeven has been working “officially” with DC insiders at the State Department and White House Council on Environmental Quality to sell out North Dakota and the Devils Lake area.
However, the Dakota Boys were able to stand up for ND hours before the agreement was signed. Dorgan, Conrad and Pomeroy had serious concerns about some of the language that was being included in the agreement. Language that Hoeven admitted has been crafted by the White House Council on Environment

Hmmm…. Why is the White House suddenly concerned about a problem that has been around for more than a decade? Do you think there is a Rove-White House connection? We all know that Hoeven admitted "discussing" Devils Lake with Republican strategist Rove, during his infamous “official business” trips to DC. But as North Dakotan’s know: Karl Rove doesn’t do Devils Lake. Karl Rove does politics.

Did Hoeven realize that his personal political ambitions were getting in the way of the best interests of the state? It wasn’t until after our Dakota Boys questioned Hoeven’s logic about the White House’s language, that our Governor even “agreed” to drop the DC insider material.

Our Dakota Boys put North Dakota first while Hoeven thinks only of his political ambitions. Hoeven was blinded by the Right once more, and that’s wrong for North Dakota.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Conrad to the rescue: web surfing to be safer for kids

When I was in junior high, the Internet was brand new. I was using the web to research the government for a civics assignment. As an Internet novice, I simply typed in Instead of visiting the government website, I found a porn site. I was mortified!

Well, Conrad recently introduced the Internet Safety and Child Protection Act, which will make surfing the web safer for kids. The bill would help block children’s access to porn websites by having an on-line equivalent of an ID check, and using age-verification software that already exists and is in use on other websites.

So the next time a young person wants to use the Internet to research a civics assignment, Conrad is helping to ensure they find the right website.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hoeven sells out ND; where is his loyalty?

Governor Hoeven took matters into his own hands this week regarding the Devils Lake outlet and the results could be disastrous for North Dakota.

In the Forum today, Hoeven says that he believes, “an agreement with Canada on Devils Lake's drainage channel will not affect North Dakota's ability to transfer Missouri River water to the Red River Valley for drinking and industrial use.”

The Forum goes on to report, “During negotiations last week, North Dakota's congressional delegation expressed ‘serious reservations’ about whether a proposed deal would give Canada veto power over Missouri River water transfers to eastern North Dakota.” That's right, our Dakota Boys wrote to Hoeven with concerns about this proposal.

So what is really going on here?

This is merely another political ploy by Hoeven to advance his personal political ambitions at the expense of North Dakotans. Could there be a Rove-White House connection? Well, Hoeven admits there is one. He says, “The White House's Council on Environmental Quality has handled the drafting of the document, and work will continue on it.”

So why is Hoeven moving forward with this deal despite our delegation’s concerns? Hoeven is again putting his personal political ambitions ahead of North Dakota. He would rather listen to Rove and the administration instead of working with our state's Dakota Boys. Isn't it strange that Hoeven would rather listen to DC insiders that work with our own delegation? By working with Rove and the White House, Hoeven is putting second ND and his political ambitions first.

So while our Dakota Boys continue to look out for the best interests of our state, the question of Hoeven’s loyalty remains - is it to North Dakota or to Rove and the White House?