Friday, August 05, 2005

Bush's Vacation: All he ever wanted?

It must be nice to be President Bush - taking a five-week vacation. Since taking office, this is Bush’s 49th trip to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. And the President's 319th day, entirely or partially, that he has spent in Crawford. That’s one-fifth of his presidency. Essentially, President Bush is taking one day a week off – talk about “casual Fridays.” And this doesn’t even include his vacations at his parents’ place in Kennebunkport, his time at Camp David, or those midday two-hour bicycle rides.

On this trip, Bush is going to pass Reagan’s record of 335 days at his California ranch. And Bush still has 3 ½ long years to go.

It’s nice to know that as a wartime President, with millions of Americans needing health care or a good job, Bush views R and R as his top priority.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Republicans Sell Out Red River Valley Farmers

The Bismarck Tribune recently reported about the damaging effects of CAFTA on the Red River Valley’s sugar beet industry. Sugar beet farmer and vice chairman of the Wahpeton based Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Douglas Etten was very disappointed in the representatives that voted for CAFTA.

Republican Sen. Norm Coleman sold out the Red River Valley’s sugar farmers. He didn’t have the strength or independence to stand up to the Bush administration.

My question is would Hoeven? We already know that he’s cuddling up to Rove and Bush on his “official business” trips to DC. Does anyone really believe he wouldn’t be so smitten with Rove’s powerhouse - a.k.a. the White House - that he wouldn’t have caved just like Coleman did?

Our Dakota Boys (Dorgan, Conrad and Pomeroy) are strong enough to stand up for ND’s farmers and ranchers. They listen to what ND’s are saying. Our Dakota Boys put ND first.

Would Hoeven put the best interests of the state before his personal political ambitions?

Dakota Boys Bring More Energy to ND

The Fargo Forum recently discussed the much debated energy bill that recently passed. This bill has big promise for ND. The bill will help create and sustain renewable energy sources like ethanol and wind power. And as we all know in ND, we certainly have more than enough wind!

Our Dakota Boys worked hard to secure funding for the state. Conrad added a provision that provides federal loan guarantees for a proposed $750 million coal-to-liquid transportation fuels plant in North Dakota. Again, this is huge for our state’s economy.

The ethanol industry also gets a big push because the bill says that motorists will have to use 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol by 2012. This helps boost the industry by doubling production. This will also promote the construction of more ethanol plants in ND, which means more jobs for North Dakotans. Also, the new federal standard regarding e-85 will help the industry gain a much stronger foothold in our region.

Here are other boosts for our state:

  • DMI Industries in West Fargo – which specializes in the wind energy industry - will be directly assisted by this bill because their tax credit will be extended.
  • The Williston Basin is slated to receive $30 million to boost oil production.
  • UND will also received grant money for this Energy and Environmental Research Center for research in a variety of energy resources.
  • Coal and coal-fired power industries will benefit from generous tax credits for companies adopting clean coal technologies .

This energy bill will certainly boost our state’s economy and help create more jobs for North Dakota. In the words of the Fargo Forum “That's a credit to North Dakota's congressional delegation.”

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

CAFTA: No good for ND farmers

A recent letter to the editor in the Fargo Forum addressed concerns about the dirty politics used to swindle the CAFTA bill through Congress. It seems the Republicans bullied their way through the legislative process in order to get a “victory” for this administration. The Republicans stop at nothing to get what they want even at the expense of farmers – including those in the Red River Valley.

Our Dakota Boys stood up for ND’s farmers and ranchers, while Hoeven was too busy courting Johanns and discussing his possible bid for Senate.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hoeven: Lessons to learn from 2004

Republican John Thune won his ’04 election with optimistic half-full promises, which to many SD’s dismay have turned out to be half-empty promises.

Thune repeatedly told SD’s that he would have the president’s ear and as a Republican, it would be better to have him in the majority party rather than to have Daschle as the Leader in the minority.

Yeah, that worked out really well for Ellsworth Air Force Base. As of today, Ellsworth is still on the base closure list.

Recently, Thune voted against CAFTA - a bill that is detrimental not only to SD, but to ND, too. Even though Thune voted against the bill, it still passed. So much for being in the majority party.
So, did Bush ever listen to Thune? Would the president ever listen to a freshman Senator?

Hoeven, while you are considering putting your personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of our state, please remember that having the ear of the president doesn’t seem to do too much.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Hoeven, Rove all talk; Dakota Boys all action

Conrad, Dorgan, Pomeroy - our Dakota Boys were hard at work in DC again as they fought a two year battle with the White House to secure over $1 billion in transportation funding for our state. $70 million of that will go to the Devils Lake area for road reconstruction. So while Hoeven met with Rove last month to discuss “official business” (remember Devils Lake was the cover story for that visit), our Dakota Boys were actually working to get the funding for our state.
Don't forget, Karl Rove doesn't do Devils Lake. Karl Rove does politics. And dirty politics at that.