Friday, July 29, 2005

Hoeven: Mobilizing to Run? AG Secretary involved

While Gov. Hoeven may still be silent about his upcoming plans for a potential run for Senate in ’06, the GOP is gearing up their political machine in ND.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Johanns' trip was merely a pathetic political ploy and here's some information to back it up.

Johanns' visit was UNOFFICIAL. Early this year, the AG Secretary visited New Orleans and San Antonio for “official” business. Apparently ND is only important to this administration because there is an upcoming election.

Even the ND GOP said it was rare for the AG Secretary to come to the state.

The Governor’s spokesman admitted that secretary’s visit had obvious political implications.

So while Hoeven and Johanns were so busy with their “unofficial” business, did they get a chance to talk about ND’s concerns regarding CAFTA or mad cow disease?

Did Hoeven’s personal political ambitions dominate the AG Secretary's time rather than the concerns of ND’s farmers and ranchers?

While the governor remains tight-lipped regarding 2006, let’s hope his keeps his focus on what’s best for the state rather than his personal political ambitions.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Conrad, Dorgan, Pomeroy Get Housing Funding for ND

Today The Forum reported that our Dakota Boys (Conrad, Dorgan, Pomeroy) worked hard to secure more than $1 million for improving low-income housing developments in Fargo and Cass County. The Dakota Boys are an effective team. The Dakota Boys are getting things done for ND.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hoeven, Johanns Get an Earful at State Fair

Johanns visit to the North Dakota State Fair was a big flop, and my guess is because Hoeven encouraged the AG Secretary to come to the state and talk about unpopular AG issues. While Hoeven warmly welcomed the AG Secretary, ND's farmers and ranchers gave him an earful. And I’m not just talking about corn.

Are Hoeven’s personal political ambitions getting in the way of ND's farmers and ranchers? Hoeven is blinded by the Right and that’s wrong for North Dakota.

Hoeven, Rove and dirty politics in ND

Vanity Fair’s article ‘The Power of Rove’ gives the dirty truth about Bush’s right hand man. Rove is described as “a shoeshine-and-a-smile, steal-it-if-you-must, winning-is-everything political apprentice.”

It seems that Rove’s road to the White House began with the same dirty tactics that he encourages in today’s political campaigns. VF also said that during Watergate, even when Republicans were getting busted for their illegal breaking-and-entering into Democratic headquarters, The Washington Post reported that Rove was actually conducting a seminar to teach others how to use dirty politics.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rove creates, molds and fashions the perfect candidate as he sees fit. Best example: George W. Bush. AND to top if off, it has been suggested that Rove is in cahoots with a former F.B.I. agent who investigates and even goes as far as to arrest some Democrats who stand in his way. Best example: Plamegate.

So why should you care? Well, in June the Fargo Forum reported that Hoeven had an “official business” trip to D.C. to meet with Rove. Are these two becoming fast friends? Is Hoeven gearing up to play a "low class, Rovian game?"

Are North Dakotans willing to let Rove and dirty politics contaminate our state?

Well, some Republicans are: "I have no doubt in my mind that Karl Rove is going to lay out a campaign strategy for Gov. Hoeven. The GOP is REALLY interested in North Dakota. All North Dakotans should be excited.”

Hmmmm…… are you excited?

Is this what's best for our state?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where is Hoeven's loyalty: the White House or ND?

The Ag Secretary is going to be in Minot on Tuesday to “listen” to farmers’ and ranchers’ concerns about the soon-to-expire Farm Bill. Now, don’t be fooled. While this may seem like a goodwill trip, it is really a pathetic political ploy.

Don’t forget that Johanns was in Fargo less than five months ago and met with Governor Hoeven. Hmmmm…. Isn’t that interesting? Why is the AG Secretary suddenly more interested in spending time in ND than his own state of Nebraska? Is it possible this trip is something Hoeven and Rove discussed during one of those now infamous “official business” trips?

So while the Administration sends Johanns to “listen” to our concerns about the Farm Bill, they are also trying to gather support for CAFTA. Now why is Hoeven welcoming someone to the state to promote legislation that is bad for our state? Where is Hoeven's loyalty? Is it to the White House or to the state of North Dakota? We all know CAFTA is bad for our state’s farmers and ranchers: CAFTA would open the door to letting foreign subsidized sugar gut the Red River Valley.

So while ND becomes a political hotspot and the GOP begins to parade national politicos in and out of the state, North Dakotans should begin to question: are these people here for the right reasons or are their visits merely political ploys to boost Hoeven’s ego?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Shun, don't run: Hoeven keep out!

The Fargo Forum hit the nail on the head when they shunned Hoeven from running against Conrad in the upcoming ’06 Senate race. Hoeven’s “official business” trips to D.C. have not gone unnoticed as The Forum commented on how the GOP is pressuring Hoeven to run against Conrad. I am surprised the Governor is considering sacrificing "the greater good of the state" by attempting a selfish run for Senate.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Vig rebuts GOP Chairman Ken Karls

Ben Vig's recent letter to the editor in the Bismarck Tribune rebuts State Republican Chairman Ken Karls' July 13th letter. I agree with Vig that Karls ought to "open his eyes and ears" and stop regurgitating Republican rhetoric.

This is the best part of the letter: "I understand it is Karls' job to make cheap political attacks, but perhaps he should pay attention to the facts before he makes his next attack on our senators."

Ken Karls... Karl Rove. Interestingly similar names. Interestingly similar dirty political tactics.

Look to Conrad for a better plan

Gini Duval’s letter to the editor in today's Fargo Forum says it best: “Look to Conrad for a better plan.” Exactly. Duval states that the markets are too unstable and the cost of implementing the program will be around $2 trillion. Why risk privatizing social security when nearly 1 out of 5 North Dakotans currently benefit from the program?