Monday, October 03, 2005

State party ad challenges Hoeven’s commit to ND

Hoeven’s press person Don Canton has been reported saying that timing of Hoeven's announcement to not run in 2006 had nothing to do with the release of an upcoming television ad. The ad produced by the state Democratic party challenges Hoeven’s commitment to the people of ND to serve as Governor for four years. The ad is based upon a 2004 television interview in which the interviewer, who is off camera, says to Hoeven: "You'll fill out your term, no matter what." Hoeven replies: "I'm running for four years, absolutely."

It would seem odd that a newly elected governor would suddenly decide to run for another office. Wouldn’t that seem like someone who was merely putting his personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of his state? But it seems that Governor Hoeven has spoken, "I'm running for four years, absolutely."

Don’t sell out ND, Hoeven, for your personal political ambitions.