Friday, September 30, 2005

Stverak needs to get his priorities in order

I really loved Stverak's recent letter in the Grand Forks Herald. It is so comical as he tries to say that Hoeven's comment to serve ND for a full term was not really a promise to serve a full term. (What?)

That's great, so Governor Hoeven really doesn't care about serving ND as our Governor? So, Hoeven is just waiting until a bigger and better position comes along? Hmm... it sounds like Stverak (like Rove) is encouraging Hoeven to put his personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of ND.

Is this really what's best for our state? To let someone say yes, I will serve ND UNTIL Rove tells that me that I should run for another office in 2006? Is this how a real statesman acts? I think the Republicans (Stverak included) need to get their priorities in order: ND should always be number one, not personal political ambitions.