Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rove's visit not in best interests of ND

Rove is coming to Fargo this weekend to address the ND GOP. With the '06 Senate elections approaching, he wants to provoke a bitter, partisan fight in our state. Is this what ND has come to? Merely a turf war for Rove and his cronies? Where is Hoeven's judgment? Why does he care to stand alongside Rove? Rove represents the worst this White House has to offer - dirty politics and misguided priorities.

Let's not forget: Rove is the White House Deputy Chief of Staff. So why is he politicking in ND instead of working on current issues that important to the ENTIRE nation, like rebuilding the Gulf Coast - the survivors of Katrina deserve the unwavering attention of the administration. As some of you may remember, when the '97 flood devastated Grand Forks, our rebuilding effort was a top priority for the White House.

Rove is not good for ND, can't Hoeven see that? Or is he blinded by the right?