Friday, September 23, 2005

Rove and Rita still on schedule

While Rita is threatening to unleash her fury and devastate more communities as soon as Saturday, Rove - the point person on hurricane response - is still planning to show up in ND for a political fundraiser this weekend. Even though some say that since the win of the '04 election, Rove has shown no sign of ever putting policy goals above political ones, it seems that he is now.

It's been reported that Rove has been under fire since he took off to Aspen, Colo., last week to attend a "conference of wealthy folks." But that doesn't stop this politico: just about when Hurricane Rita will be blasting Galveston, Tex., he will be safe and sound in a fancy restaurant in Fargo - fundraising for the ND GOP.

Even Senator Lautenberg is getting fired up on Rove's decision to NOT cancel this weekend's ND GOP fundraiser despite the looming threat of Rita.

Lautenberg today sent a letter to Bush asking him why Rove – the “point person” for the hurricane response - feels it is ok to leave his post - on the day the hurricane is expected to hit - to fundraise in ND.

Rove's decision to continue with this fundraiser is distasteful. But as we all know, Rove does politics. Apparently, he doesn't know when to stop. But Cheney does: Because of Hurricane Rita and the ongoing recovery efforts from Katrina, Vice President Cheney cancelled his Friday fundraiser for Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania.

I wonder, what does Hoeven think about this? He is, after all, the reason why Rove is coming this weekend. Do you think he will stand up to Rove and ask him not to come? I guess only time will tell.