Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rove and Hoeven: All Politics

So while Hurricane Rita is wrecking homes and downing power lines in Texas, the Rovenator will be dining on lobster tortellini with the ND GOP herd at Grazzi's restaurant in Fargo. Come on, what could be more important to Rove than actually responding to a new hurricane disaster (along with the thousands of still homeless, still jobless and still displaced survivors of Katrina)? Why politics, of course. Rove does politics. Apparently, he doesn't do anything else. So the good 'ole Rovenator will be wining and dining with Hoeven in his effort to convince him to be a puppet for the administration.

You know what really gets me? How can Hoeven actually be okay with all of this? I've talked with many ND's who are appalled at this. When Grand Forks had to evacuate (it was the largest evacuation of a major U.S. city since the Civil war) when the Red River crested its levees in '97, our communities benefited by having an effective congressional delegation - led by Conrad - but we also benefited the most by having the undivided attention of the President. Can the survivors of Katrina say the same?

Probably not since this White House is more concerned with playing politics - in ND - than helping people.