Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is E-85 fueling Hoeven's personal political ambitions?

Reporter Tom Rafferty asks in Sunday's Bismarck Tribune: "Is E-85 worth the ride?"

I think this is a great question. Don't you?

The article states, "Cy Fix, the manager of Cenex stations in Bismarck, Mandan and Dickinson, said people are using a lot of E-85 even though some of the vehicles were not made for it." It also points out that, "Using E-85 in a vehicle that isn't designed for it can damage the engine." Why isn't Hoeven promoting education on E-85 and which cars can use it?

Instead, we just see these billboards and the TV ads giving Hoeven free publicity as part of a campaign to promote E-85. Does it say anywhere, "Hey only certain cars can use this..." I don't think so.

But as Rafferty says, there's more demand for E-85 than there are cars that can use it ... Governor Hoeven was so quick to want free publicity that he's actually damaging people's cars. Is E-85 fueling Hoeven's personal political ambitions? Because this seems like another irresponsible decision by Hoeven.

Hmmm... I wonder what Hoeven is thinking.... I can just imagine a thought bubble in one of those political cartoons with Hoeven asking, "Is e-85 worth the free ride?"