Sunday, September 11, 2005

How will Rove's "house call" play into Hoeven's future?

In case you missed the front page of the Forum today, here’s a news flash: apparently, there might be a Hoeven v. Conrad ’06 Senate race.

As usual, Hoeven is mum about the issue. (Just like his position on social security).

The article says, “He really doesn’t have a comment,” and “He’s focused on the job he’s doing, and he’s not going to speculate on the future.”

Hmmm… that's interesting that Hoeven won't speculate on the future especially when Rove is making a “house call” this month.

It seems to me that while Hoeven is not talking about his personal political ambitions, the action of Rove’s “house call” speaks loud and clear.

Even if Hoeven won’t comment on this poll, we all know Rove will have comments for Hoeven on the 24th, and they won’t be “official business.”

Does Hoeven understand that Karl Rove doesn’t do ND? Karl Rove just does politics.

Is this what’s best for ND?