Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hoeven's picture worth a 1000 contradictions

In case you haven’t seen it, Lonny Winrich had a great letter to the editor in the Bismarck Tribune. Winrich brings up many good points about what Hoeven says he supports and what his actions say he supports. I once heard a great person say, “Never separate the lives you live from the words you speak.” I think it applies here.

Hoeven’s pretty picture is up on billboards implying that he supports one thing, but his actions - - as Winrich points out - say quite another. While some say that a picture is worth a 1000 words, I would say Hoeven's billboards are worth a 1000 contradictions.

So while Hoeven works hard on getting his picture taken, our Dakota Boys continually work hard for ND. Despite the uphill fight that ethanol gets every year at the federal level, Conrad and Dorgan have proven themselves to be fighters – successful fighters for ND and the ethanol industry. You can see this in the ethanol provisions that were included in the energy bill. Ethanol isn't an easy sell in DC, but our Dakota Boys get it done for ND.

North Dakota needs our Dakota Boys: the fighters who have been in the trenches for ND's growing ethanol industry. Our Dakota Boys always put ND first.