Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Link Hoeven's personal political ambitions vs. ND

"John Hoeven is going to do what John Hoeven wants to do," Rep. Ron Iverson, R-N.D said recently about Hoeven's potential run for Senate in '06.

If this is true, will Hoeven put his personal politicial ambitons ahead of the best interests of ND?

I think we have a dynamic team representing North Dakota in the U.S. Senate (Conrad and Dorgan) and U.S. House (Pomeroy). The Dakota Boys and Hoeven used to be a stellar team, too, until Rove began dangling transparent carrots in front of Hoeven.

Now Hoeven and his personal political ambitions are being fueled by Rove and causing partisan problems and encouraging Hoeven's go-it-alone attitude (remember the Devils Lake situation this summer?). I don't know why Rove is turning ND into his personal turf war. We have a good thing going here. Is this Hoeven-Rove relationship really what's best for ND?