Monday, September 26, 2005

Hoeven should just say no to Rove

More and more North Dakotans are wondering what dirty tricks Rove has up his sleeve and if Hoeven will sell out ND for a possible Senate bid in '06. Is Hoeven and Rove's newfound friendship really what’s best for ND? Rove and his cronies have created and passed legislation that is destructive to our farmers and ranchers. Despite the fact that Hoeven touts himself as a moderate, Rove is looking for someone who will “forgo state interests” for political gain. Rove does politics. Rove doesn’t do ND. Why can’t Hoeven see that Rove is bad news for ND? Is Hoeven strong enough to say just say no to Rove? Or will Hoeven sell out and put his personal political ambitions ahead of ND?