Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hoeven defined

Here's an interesting nonpartisan definition of John Hoeven which talks about his inactivity and taking credit for others' ideas. That sounds about right, so why is Rove so interested in pushing Hoeven into the ring with Conrad? It seems like ND is becoming a turf war for Rove and his cronies.

Is this what's best for ND? You be the judge:

Option A: Hoeven's inactivity and taking credit for others' work

Option B: Our Dakota Boys - led by Conrad - independently fighting for ND

So what do you think? Option B - our Dakota Boys - always put ND first. Can we say the same for Option A - the Hoeven-Rove combo-platter?

While Hoeven is all talk and no action, our Dakota Boys are ND's "action heroes."