Friday, September 09, 2005

Hoeven and Rove: Bad Combo for ND

The Forum reported Friday on the Rovenator’s trip to ND. Rove is schedule to speak at the state Republican Party committee meeting Sept. 24 in Fargo.

Of course, Hoeven will be there. The article reports that Hoeven is expected to attend the party meeting and fundraiser and to visit with Rove. Is this another meeting to discuss “ND issues” or Hoeven’s personal political ambitions?

In the article, Hoeven says, “I’m very focused on the job of governor…. I don’t want to speculate on another office.” If Hoeven is so focused, why is he letting his personal ambitions get in the way? Hoeven has repeatedly said that he will serve his term and not break his promise to ND.

I really liked what Conrad had to say about Hoeven: “He made it very clear when he was seeking his re-election that he would serve out his term and I believe he will.”

Will Hoeven keep his word and remain Governor of our state? Or will he merely sell out to a “shrewd political strategist” and purse his own political ambitions?