Sunday, September 25, 2005

Link For Conrad and Furness, ND is the top priority

The Forum got it right today: the Republicans' whining over the recent Conrad campaign commercial is "downright silly." Mayor Furness is under heat from his party because he participated in a commercial touting Conrad's accomplishments for the state. With those two sentences uttered by Furness, the Republicans got their undies in a bundle and immediately demanded an explantion for his actions.

In the words of Zaleski "they ought to relax," he continues:

"Anyone who’s followed the mayor’s tenure knows he puts his city ahead of his political inclinations. Whether for flood control, law enforcement, airport funding, NDSU research money or preserving the Air Guard base in Fargo, Mayor Furness knows how to work closely and effectively with the state’s all-Democratic congressional delegation. That’s not because he’s suddenly become a Democrat; it’s because his priority is the welfare of his city – and that should not be a political issue."

For Conrad and Furness, ND is the top priority.