Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dakota Boys work hard for ND, Hoeven takes credit

Everyone knows that ND is a windy state. It drives most of us crazy, but there is something good about this wind: it produces energy.

The Minot Daily News reported that our Dakota Boys and many other state leaders recently unveiled the up and coming Velva Wind Farm.

This new wind farm will generate 12 megawatts of electricity capable of providing power to 6,000 homes. Not only will this wind farm create ENERGY, it will create JOBS. It will create about 50 jobs in McHenry County.

With the recent passage of the energy bill, I know our Dakota Boys worked hard to extend tax credits for the wind energy industry.

So what has Hoeven been doing? Well, I mean besides getting his picture taken for a billboard…. Was this just another opportunity for Hoeven to take credit for our delegation’s work?

Our Dakota Boys always work hard for ND. They put ND first.