Monday, September 12, 2005

Bush: "anything but an asset"

If Bush ratings lag among Virginia voters, one can guess that it could happen here with ND voters, too. Hoeven should think twice about tying himself to this President's poorly planned war in Iraq, his sky-high fuel prices and his irresponsible attack on Social Security.

The Washington Post reported that Bush has become "anything but an asset" for the man running for governor in Virginia. The Post conducted a poll that found that Bush is unlikely to provide an electoral boost to Republican Jerry Kilgore in the off-year gubernatorial election this fall in Virginia.

People in
North Dakota showed their loyalty to Bush by giving him a wide re-election result last year. But in a year when Bush was very popular, North Dakota also showed loyalty to Dorgan and Pomeroy. Hoeven should think carefully about that before he buys into Rove’s empty promises and a battle with Conrad.

At a time when the administration is losing popularity because of how they are handling the war, the inadequate response to Katrina, and the budget (with threats of deep cuts in AG programs, which are vital to our state’s economy), Bush and good ‘ole Rove may prove to be more of a liability than a boost to Hoeven.

Conrad has proven himself as a great independent leader for ND and cannot be attacked as a "liberal" or "knee-jerk" Democrat. In fact, Conrad's honest and open praise of the intelligence, humility and wit of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts won him a sound bashing by liberal special interest groups.

The bottom line is Conrad puts ND first and delivers. But where does Bush stand? We already know about Rove: He doesn’t do ND. Rove does politics.