Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another thought on Hoeven v. Conrad

I just want to add one more thing about that ridiculous "poll" the Republicans keep talking about.

Do you remember that is said that 27% of those surveyed were undecided? Are you kidding? Everyone in ND knows both Conrad and Hoeven. This is no way that in a real showdown between these two that 27% of the voters would be undecided.

I think the most important and reliable info from the article is what political scientist Philip Baumann said:

“In a campaign, Baumann predicts Conrad, the more experienced politician, would beat Hoeven, despite the governor’s high popularity. Hoeven, a former banker, was elected in 2000 with 55 percent of the vote and re-elected last year with 71 percent of the vote. ‘Hoeven’s never had to campaign in a serious race,’ Baumann said.”

Conrad is a proven independent leader for our state. He always puts ND first. Do we really know were Hoeven stands (on anything)?

Why is Hoeven so willing to be a puppet for Rove and this floundering administration?