Thursday, August 04, 2005

Republicans Sell Out Red River Valley Farmers

The Bismarck Tribune recently reported about the damaging effects of CAFTA on the Red River Valley’s sugar beet industry. Sugar beet farmer and vice chairman of the Wahpeton based Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative Douglas Etten was very disappointed in the representatives that voted for CAFTA.

Republican Sen. Norm Coleman sold out the Red River Valley’s sugar farmers. He didn’t have the strength or independence to stand up to the Bush administration.

My question is would Hoeven? We already know that he’s cuddling up to Rove and Bush on his “official business” trips to DC. Does anyone really believe he wouldn’t be so smitten with Rove’s powerhouse - a.k.a. the White House - that he wouldn’t have caved just like Coleman did?

Our Dakota Boys (Dorgan, Conrad and Pomeroy) are strong enough to stand up for ND’s farmers and ranchers. They listen to what ND’s are saying. Our Dakota Boys put ND first.

Would Hoeven put the best interests of the state before his personal political ambitions?