Monday, August 15, 2005

Hoevengate: to be determined

Micheal Wolff’s article “All Roads Lead to Rove” (Vanity Fair’s September 2005, vol. 541 – sorry it’s not online yet) exposes the truth about Karl Rove’s role in Plamegate.

Americans know that Rove likes to play dirty politics. Rove desperately wanted to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson because he publicly criticized the Bush administration. Rove decided to get Wilson back by going after his wife. This is the lowest of the lows in politics and for Rove: going after the family. This dirty tactic was also used in the 2004 Daschle-Thune race as Tom Daschle’s wife was attacked in various ads.

Is Hoeven going to allow these dirty political ploys to be brought into ND?

Will this ongoing criminal investigation hinder Hoeven’s canoodling with Rove and the White House?

Rovegate: to be continued. Hoevengate: to be determined.