Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hoeven sells out ND; where is his loyalty?

Governor Hoeven took matters into his own hands this week regarding the Devils Lake outlet and the results could be disastrous for North Dakota.

In the Forum today, Hoeven says that he believes, “an agreement with Canada on Devils Lake's drainage channel will not affect North Dakota's ability to transfer Missouri River water to the Red River Valley for drinking and industrial use.”

The Forum goes on to report, “During negotiations last week, North Dakota's congressional delegation expressed ‘serious reservations’ about whether a proposed deal would give Canada veto power over Missouri River water transfers to eastern North Dakota.” That's right, our Dakota Boys wrote to Hoeven with concerns about this proposal.

So what is really going on here?

This is merely another political ploy by Hoeven to advance his personal political ambitions at the expense of North Dakotans. Could there be a Rove-White House connection? Well, Hoeven admits there is one. He says, “The White House's Council on Environmental Quality has handled the drafting of the document, and work will continue on it.”

So why is Hoeven moving forward with this deal despite our delegation’s concerns? Hoeven is again putting his personal political ambitions ahead of North Dakota. He would rather listen to Rove and the administration instead of working with our state's Dakota Boys. Isn't it strange that Hoeven would rather listen to DC insiders that work with our own delegation? By working with Rove and the White House, Hoeven is putting second ND and his political ambitions first.

So while our Dakota Boys continue to look out for the best interests of our state, the question of Hoeven’s loyalty remains - is it to North Dakota or to Rove and the White House?