Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hoeven & ND: what's Rove got to do with it?

Ultra-conservative Robert Novak in his recent column "Base closing dims Republican star" hammers John Thune’s inability to come through for South Dakota the way Tom Daschle did during the 1995 BRAC round.

Check this out:

“Were it not for Bush, Thune would be finishing his third year as governor of South Dakota…. Thune tried [to convince Bush to remove Ellsworth from the BRAC list] this year, but Bush withheld himself from the process. The new senator talked to Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Bush political adviser Karl Rove and Cheney aide Scooter Libby. But the same people who could not do enough for candidate Thune could do nothing for Sen. Thune…. When the year began, Thune's political future seemed unlimited. He was young (44), handsome, articulate, conservative. Now, he is becoming a ‘Son of the Wild Jackass’ familiar to the Great Plains.”

Hmmmm…. ND’s know that Karl Rove is making Hoeven a lot of promises so he can advance his personal political ambitions. But maybe Hoeven should ask Thune if Rove actually keeps those promises. North Dakotans know that Karl Rove doesn’t do ND. Karl Rove does politics. Why can’t Hoeven figure that out?

Why is Hoeven so bent on moving ahead with his personal political ambitions at the expense of North Dakotans? Is this what's best for the state?

Our Dakota Boys worked hard to make sure that Grand Forks AFB stayed off the base closure list. Our Dakota Boys always put the best interests of ND first.