Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hoeven, NCAA and Rove: What does it all mean for ND?

After being unwilling to take a position on Social Security, Hoeven is more than willing to take a stand regarding the NCAA's nickname decision. Hoeven says "I believe it's an overreach ... . It's a big-time overreach."

Also reported in the Grand Forks Herald

“Hoeven said universities and colleges each have their own constituencies, and they need to be responsive to them first. Decisions about the nickname and logo, he said, should be in the hands of the state Board of Higher Education ‘in close consultation with’ UND."

It’s interesting that Hoeven wants the final decision regarding UND’s logo to come from people within the state BUT he would rather listen to DC outsiders than our own Dakota Boys about the Devils Lake outlet.

According to Hoeven, it’s an “overreach” for NCAA to regulate university logos, but apparently not an “overreach” for Rove and the White House to dictate ND’s water issues.