Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hoeven: merely an empty suit?

While Hoeven is running around holding secret political fundraisers, Senator Conrad and Senator Dorgan continue to uphold North Dakota's values.

"Thank God that we have Conrad and Dorgan looking out for North Dakotas interests because without them I’m afraid that we wouldn’t have our kind of common sense in Washington or the honor and prestige that they bring to our great state," Dean P. Remboldt wrote in a recent letter to the editor .

Even though state Republicans are doing a great job of regurgitating national Republican rhetoric, their message is all wrong.

Stverak is already really good at regurgitating the Republican rhetoric, which begs the question - would Hoeven also be a "yes man" to this administration? Is Hoeven merely an empty suit?

Remboldt's letter also mentions social security:

"The Republicans are running around saying Social Security is broken. But like 'Chicken Little' they would have you believe that there is a crisis where there is none. They would do irreparable damage to Social Security by carving out a third of the money that we put into the fund and put that money into risky privatized accounts while burdening our young people by borrowing 2-5 trillion dollars to make up for the lost revenue. This cockamamie privatization proposal would actually drastically reduce future benefits up to 40 percent. A plan that relies on cutting benefits has not 'fixed' Social Security. It ruins it."

Has Hoeven decided to take a stand on this or is he too busy secretly raising money for his personal political abmitions? While questions continue to surround Hoeven's intentions, there is no question that our Dakota Boys continue to look out for North Dakota's interests.