Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hoeven: Lessons to learn from 2004

Republican John Thune won his ’04 election with optimistic half-full promises, which to many SD’s dismay have turned out to be half-empty promises.

Thune repeatedly told SD’s that he would have the president’s ear and as a Republican, it would be better to have him in the majority party rather than to have Daschle as the Leader in the minority.

Yeah, that worked out really well for Ellsworth Air Force Base. As of today, Ellsworth is still on the base closure list.

Recently, Thune voted against CAFTA - a bill that is detrimental not only to SD, but to ND, too. Even though Thune voted against the bill, it still passed. So much for being in the majority party.
So, did Bush ever listen to Thune? Would the president ever listen to a freshman Senator?

Hoeven, while you are considering putting your personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of our state, please remember that having the ear of the president doesn’t seem to do too much.