Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hoeven in cahoots with dirty Republicans?

The Republicans continue with their Rovian dirty politics. The “Grand” Old Party is falling under the powers of Karl Rove. The GOP is becoming known for a new attitude: winning is everything and ethics, laws, or morals do not apply.

So what have the Republicans been up to? Here’s a brief recap:
  • Karl Rove and the White House have been accused of illegally leaking the name of a covert CIA agent in an attempt to discredit a political opponent.
  • Tom DeLay and his buddy Jack Abramoff ignore fundraising laws and Congressional ethics rules to direct big corporate money into the pockets of GOP candidates. This money is used not only to keep the GOPs in power, but also to continue carrying out Corporate America's agenda at the expense of hard-working Americans.
  • DeLay's PAC funnels illegal donations to Texas candidates to boost their majority in the state legislature. The money helps to ensure that Texas representatives redistrict congressional areas - in the GOP's favor. The redistricting resulted in 5 additional GOP seats. Hmmm…. Does that sound like a democratic government representative of the people, for the people or by the people?
  • The NRSC's regional director gave the “okay” to illegally jam Democratic phone lines during the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election. This director worked directly under then NRSC chair Senator Bill Frist (don’t forget he’s now the majority leader in the Senate). The phone-jamming prevented Democrats from putting into action their get-out-the-vote efforts and resulted in a Republican win. To top it off, the RNC has quietly been paying off the criminal’s legal bills!

While the Republicans continue their dirty political games, I wonder.... What does this say about Governor Hoeven? Why does he want to get in with this crowd? Or is he already there?

Does this mean that he is willing to bring these dirty Rovian politics into ND?