Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Devils Lake: Delegation steps in before Hoeven sells out

Hoeven has been getting worse about putting his personal political ambitions ahead of the best interests of North Dakota. In his latest political scandal, Hoeven has been working “officially” with DC insiders at the State Department and White House Council on Environmental Quality to sell out North Dakota and the Devils Lake area.
However, the Dakota Boys were able to stand up for ND hours before the agreement was signed. Dorgan, Conrad and Pomeroy had serious concerns about some of the language that was being included in the agreement. Language that Hoeven admitted has been crafted by the White House Council on Environment

Hmmm…. Why is the White House suddenly concerned about a problem that has been around for more than a decade? Do you think there is a Rove-White House connection? We all know that Hoeven admitted "discussing" Devils Lake with Republican strategist Rove, during his infamous “official business” trips to DC. But as North Dakotan’s know: Karl Rove doesn’t do Devils Lake. Karl Rove does politics.

Did Hoeven realize that his personal political ambitions were getting in the way of the best interests of the state? It wasn’t until after our Dakota Boys questioned Hoeven’s logic about the White House’s language, that our Governor even “agreed” to drop the DC insider material.

Our Dakota Boys put North Dakota first while Hoeven thinks only of his political ambitions. Hoeven was blinded by the Right once more, and that’s wrong for North Dakota.