Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Where is Hoeven's loyalty: the White House or ND?

The Ag Secretary is going to be in Minot on Tuesday to “listen” to farmers’ and ranchers’ concerns about the soon-to-expire Farm Bill. Now, don’t be fooled. While this may seem like a goodwill trip, it is really a pathetic political ploy.

Don’t forget that Johanns was in Fargo less than five months ago and met with Governor Hoeven. Hmmmm…. Isn’t that interesting? Why is the AG Secretary suddenly more interested in spending time in ND than his own state of Nebraska? Is it possible this trip is something Hoeven and Rove discussed during one of those now infamous “official business” trips?

So while the Administration sends Johanns to “listen” to our concerns about the Farm Bill, they are also trying to gather support for CAFTA. Now why is Hoeven welcoming someone to the state to promote legislation that is bad for our state? Where is Hoeven's loyalty? Is it to the White House or to the state of North Dakota? We all know CAFTA is bad for our state’s farmers and ranchers: CAFTA would open the door to letting foreign subsidized sugar gut the Red River Valley.

So while ND becomes a political hotspot and the GOP begins to parade national politicos in and out of the state, North Dakotans should begin to question: are these people here for the right reasons or are their visits merely political ploys to boost Hoeven’s ego?