Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where does Hoeven stand on social security?

As I was surfing the net, I found my favorite Republican blog, which criticized Kathleen Vidoloff’s letter to the editor on social security. Her letter states several good points. As she said, Former Governor Ed Schafer supports the Bush plan. Yet our current Governor continues to dodge the question and will not take a stand. Why won’t he say what he stands for? Did Karl Rove suggest anything to Hoeven during his recent "official business" trip to D.C.?

There was also a recent article published by the Americans United to Protect Social Security which stated that a typical North Dakotan worker will suffer a $84,946 cut in Social Security benefits.

“We knew the President’s plan was bad, but until this report, we had no idea how disastrous the president’s combined plan for benefit cuts and Privatization would be on the typical North Dakota worker,” Morrison said. “This is why Senator Conrad and Congressman Pomeroy taking a stand opposing President Bush’s Privatization plan to privatize Social Security and slash benefits for middle-class families is important.”