Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Republicans throw political grenades

Unfortunately, some Republicans here at home would rather throw political grenades at Conrad and Dorgan than work together to improve our state and country. ND GOP chair Ken Karls seems to be on a rampage lately, lamely trying to distort Conrad and Dorgan’s record on Social Security and judges. The Fargo Forum calls him on it:

Ken Karls leveled a couple of cheap shots at Conrad and Dorgan by suggesting they were guilty of ‘partisan shots and name-calling.’ Karls said they should give the president's nominee ‘a serious, dignified examination.’ If Karls had been paying attention, he would know that's exactly what the senators are doing. Indeed, President Bush himself invited the North Dakota Democrats to consult with him. We suspect the president believes Conrad and Dorgan will be ‘serious’ and ‘dignified’ in their discussions with him and his advisers… If [Karls] wants a serious and dignified debate about a high court nominee, he should start with himself.