Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hoeven, Rove and dirty politics in ND

Vanity Fair’s article ‘The Power of Rove’ gives the dirty truth about Bush’s right hand man. Rove is described as “a shoeshine-and-a-smile, steal-it-if-you-must, winning-is-everything political apprentice.”

It seems that Rove’s road to the White House began with the same dirty tactics that he encourages in today’s political campaigns. VF also said that during Watergate, even when Republicans were getting busted for their illegal breaking-and-entering into Democratic headquarters, The Washington Post reported that Rove was actually conducting a seminar to teach others how to use dirty politics.

But it doesn’t stop there. Rove creates, molds and fashions the perfect candidate as he sees fit. Best example: George W. Bush. AND to top if off, it has been suggested that Rove is in cahoots with a former F.B.I. agent who investigates and even goes as far as to arrest some Democrats who stand in his way. Best example: Plamegate.

So why should you care? Well, in June the Fargo Forum reported that Hoeven had an “official business” trip to D.C. to meet with Rove. Are these two becoming fast friends? Is Hoeven gearing up to play a "low class, Rovian game?"

Are North Dakotans willing to let Rove and dirty politics contaminate our state?

Well, some Republicans are: "I have no doubt in my mind that Karl Rove is going to lay out a campaign strategy for Gov. Hoeven. The GOP is REALLY interested in North Dakota. All North Dakotans should be excited.”

Hmmmm…… are you excited?

Is this what's best for our state?