Friday, July 29, 2005

Hoeven: Mobilizing to Run? AG Secretary involved

While Gov. Hoeven may still be silent about his upcoming plans for a potential run for Senate in ’06, the GOP is gearing up their political machine in ND.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Johanns' trip was merely a pathetic political ploy and here's some information to back it up.

Johanns' visit was UNOFFICIAL. Early this year, the AG Secretary visited New Orleans and San Antonio for “official” business. Apparently ND is only important to this administration because there is an upcoming election.

Even the ND GOP said it was rare for the AG Secretary to come to the state.

The Governor’s spokesman admitted that secretary’s visit had obvious political implications.

So while Hoeven and Johanns were so busy with their “unofficial” business, did they get a chance to talk about ND’s concerns regarding CAFTA or mad cow disease?

Did Hoeven’s personal political ambitions dominate the AG Secretary's time rather than the concerns of ND’s farmers and ranchers?

While the governor remains tight-lipped regarding 2006, let’s hope his keeps his focus on what’s best for the state rather than his personal political ambitions.