Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bush Approval Rating Drops, Leafy Spurge for Hoeven

While ND's Senators earn high approval rating from the state, Bush's approval rating is steadily dropping (CNN/Gallup, CBS/NYT, WP/ABC, Pewf, AP/IPSOS). Is this because he is too busy trying to recruit Republican Governor John Hoeven to run for U.S. Senate against Senator Conrad?

I’d like to thank the Fargo Forum for giving Hoeven a leafy spurge about his “official business” trip to Washington, D.C., which coincided with his political business. By the way, as ND taxpayers, we paid for his “official business” trip to D.C. During his “official business” trip, he met with more than just the President, he met with the White House’s political strategist Karl Rove. As many Americans may know, Karl Rove is likely to have discussed more than just ND’s “official business.”